AC Leak Insurance Claims in Parkland

The climate of Parkland necessitates near constant AC usage, so it is not uncommon to become a victim of damage caused by an AC leak. If left unaddressed, damage can continue to occur to your wood or laminate floors and walls. To make matters worse, the damage may be concealed in the interior and extensive by the time it's discovered.

AC Leak damage must be reported as soon as possible to begin the process of filing and settling a claim before additional damages can occur. Invictus Public Adjusters will make certain that you understand the steps to take to lessen the impact of the damages and we will conduct an inspection to gather the evidence and information necessary to file your claim completely and accurately.

AC Water Overflow Claims in Parkland

The air conditioner has the capacity to discharge 20 gallons of water into the drain pipe each day in regions like Parkland. The water will overflow if your overflow pan is damaged, missing, or broken and could result in water damage while your air conditioner is running. The overflow pan and overflow safety switch should both be checked on a regular basis.

AC Flood Claims in Parkland

Your homeowners insurance should cover the water damage the air conditioner produced, however it may not provide coverage for the repairs to the AC system. If they can attribute the harm to a homeowner's negligence, insurance providers may be picky about coverage. Utilizing the expertise of a public adjuster increases the likelihood that water damage claims involving air conditioning will be settled for the highest possible amount.

AC Water Damage Claims in Broward County

It's crucial to document images and dates of the initial and subsequent water damage caused by the leak when making an insurance claim for AC water damage.

Contact Invictus Public Adjuster to estimate the damage's scope and repair costs and help you get your full payout from the insurance claim. No more denied water damage claims! Call at 855-522-5246 now for a free claim evaluation.