Mold Damage Insurance Claims in Pompano Beach

If mold damage has occurred in your Pompano Beach, home or place of business, you may want the assistance of a dependable and trustworthy partner to represent you, protect your interests, and handle your insurance claim so that you may be compensated fairly. If you need a public adjustment business in Florida to represent you and protect your rights, give us a call first. We have the experience and expertise required to guarantee that your rights are upheld and that you get fair compensation.

Mold Remediation Insurance Claims in Pompano Beach

What you may not be aware of in the state of Florida an insurance company must act within 90-days on all claims filed by their clients. That works to their advantage many times, however, having a public adjuster on your side can help you to avoid the delay tactics used by some insurance companies. Since the public adjuster works for you and not the insurance company they know the ins and outs of all the claim processes and paperwork to help you navigate all the red tape.

Mold Removal Insurance Claims for Commercial Properties

Mold damage is a problem that often affects residential and commercial properties and is sometimes extremely difficult to avoid. While insurance companies usually make an effort to avoid paying for direct mold that was brought on by direct water damage, they eventually give in. They might try to refute any claims for any indirect mold development, which is mold brought on by spores in the air. The typical policyholder will make every effort to dispute the claim. This is why you want a public adjuster who is outspoken on your side. Invictus Public Adjusters will fight your corner in the insurance dispute.

Bathroom Mold Damage Claims in Broward County

The likelihood of mold in bathrooms is quite high, regardless of where you reside in Broward County. Mold may grow in the shower pan if there is even a little breach in the grout between the shower tile tiles. Invictus Public Adjusters will make sure the insurance provider covers the cost of mold removal service in your home or commercial building. If you feel like your claim is not being handled properly or if you feel like you're being compensated less than what is fair Invictus Public Adjusters are always ready help.

Call 855-522-5246 to speak to one of our specialists at Invictus Public Adjusters and get a free consultation. We can help you with your mold damage claim in Pompano Beach or anywhere in Florida.