Attention property owners affected by Hurricane Ian! Time is of the essence under Florida's insurance laws. You have until September 28, 2024 to file your hurricane damage claim, ensuring you receive the support you need to rebuild and recover. Don't delay – contact us today to navigate the claims process and secure the compensation you deserve. Let us help you move forward with confidence and peace of mind.

Mold Insurance Claims in Naples

Every property owner should take the health consequences of prolonged mold exposure seriously. Although some people may never notice the effects of mold in their homes, many people suffer from mold allergies, where exposure can trigger allergy or asthma symptoms. Mold can be a difficult type of damage to place the blame on because your insurance company needs indisputable proof that the water is directly responsible. A public adjuster can help by looking into the claim and ensuring you are granted the full compensation you need for repairs.

Dealing with property damage can be difficult and insurance companies know you may not know what you're doing when you first approach them. This is why you should have a helpful advocate at your side, which is what Invictus Public Adjusters is all about. We're a group of well-trained, experienced public adjusters with thousands of settlements. Our insight into insurance companies' most common strategies and tactics will help secure a fair settlement for your claim.

Public Adjuster Services in Naples

Mold can be tricky to have under your coverage — companies purposefully complicate the mold claim process. A typical insurance company will want to know what caused the mold to grow. When did you first notice the mold? By not treating the water damage problem when it first began, were you saddled with an even more expensive fix than you could have otherwise had? A good public adjuster will represent you and your best interest, recognizing it takes tangible proof to convince an insurance company they owe you homeowner's insurance benefits for mold damage. We have our methods to assess the damage and document it for you based on the specific language of your policy.

Denied Insurance Claims in Collier County

Collier County is one of the most popular and well-known counties in Florida. The county has a population of approximately 307,000 residents as of the 2010 census and covers an area of 1,497 square miles. Collier County is known for its beautiful beaches and great climate. As a result, thousands of residents have decided to move to Collier County over the past few years. Unfortunately, many people who purchase homes in Collier County do not realize that this area was largely impacted by Hurricane Irma in 2017. Hundreds of homes need to be repaired after being damaged by the storm or exposed to high levels of mold. The more recent Hurricane Ian caused many homeowners' insurance policies to be denied because they did not include flood damage or mold exposure coverage. We understand how this feels and as your adjuster would help file your mold insurance claim to reduce the chances of your claim do be denied.

Mold Damage Insurance Claims in Naples

The mold damage insurance claims process is a difficult one for property owners. The first step is to inspect the property by an expert who can measure the mold and assess its extent. The next step is to contact your insurer and file a claim. During all these steps, the insurance company is out to make money for themselves by hoping to deny your claim; we at Invictus Public Adjusters service know how that feels. That's why you need a public adjuster whose sole aim is to make sure you get all the mold damage insurance claims you deserve.

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