Delayed Property Insurance Claims in Broward County

South Florida including Broward County is no stranger to severe storms and hurricanes. Damage to property caused by wind, rain, and floodwater is among the highest priorities. So, having insurance is very important when it comes to filing claims with an insurance company.

Unfortunately, even having insurance is not a guarantee you will be happy with the results if you have to file a claim after a storm. This is due in part because many insurance companies don’t like to have to pay out if they can help it. They often deny, delay action on claims, or even underpay claims for any number of reasons.

Fortunately, there are options: hiring a public adjuster can level the playing field when it comes to filing an insurance claim. Companies such as Invictus Public Adjusters work for you and are able thoroughly to evaluate your property and provide you with an accurate assessment of the damages done to your home from any type of storm.

Property Insurance Claim Settlements in Palm Beach County

Property owners in Palm Beach County over the years have been hit by several severe storms including hurricanes. Unfortunately, these storms can have a devastating effect on both residential and commercial properties. Insurance companies in Florida have a reputation for slow playing, lowballing, and even denying claims after severe storms. One way to help to prevent this is to hire a public adjuster, they can help you avoid fast claim settlement tactics used by many insurance companies. They will accurately assess the damages and help you to file your claim.

Denied Property Insurance Claims in Miami-Dade County

Claims get denied by insurance companies for many different reasons. Much of it comes when an insured party fails to either fill out the claim correctly or the adjuster that the insurance company sends out does not find sufficient cause for the approval of the claim. This is where a public adjuster in Miami-Dade County is the perfect option. They are experts in both property damage assessment and insurance claims. They will be on your side every step of the way to ensure that your claim is properly filled out and that you have an accurate damage assessment.

Underpaid Insurance Claims for Commercial Properties in South Florida

With so many devastating storms like hurricanes that hit South Florida, businesses are susceptible to commercial property damage. Unfortunately, insurance companies are known for using many different tactics when it comes to claims. It is not unusual for claims to be underpaid or lowballed by some insurance companies looking to make quick settlements. Businesses in South Florida have an option, hiring a public adjuster can help a business file a claim and get the results that are deserved. Accurately assessing all potential damages and helping you fill out the claim before it is submitted can help combat underpayments.

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