Attention property owners affected by Hurricane Ian! Time is of the essence under Florida's insurance laws. You have until September 28, 2024 to file your hurricane damage claim, ensuring you receive the support you need to rebuild and recover. Don't delay – contact us today to navigate the claims process and secure the compensation you deserve. Let us help you move forward with confidence and peace of mind.

Water Damage Insurance Claims in Fort Myers

Recent studies show that the Fort Myers area has the second most number of water damage-related insurance claims. When water moves, it will enter spaces like cracks in your home and do major damage quickly, causing lots of damage in a short amount of time. Even the simplest pipe leak may be difficult to contain or lead to further severe issues.

Different kinds of water damage are mild to severe in their effects: water backup or severe backup, accidental or sudden discharge, flood, overflow, and water damage related to a storm.

The water damage repair cost is high. Homeowners might not be able to pay for the repair services, and restoring their homes to their usual condition becomes difficult. Get the help of public adjusters like Invictus Public Adjusters in Fort Myers for you to get the maximum claim settlement for the water damage.

Public Adjuster Services in Fort Myers

You would like the assistance of a public adjuster, right? Yes. Generally, insurance companies are business corporations concerned primarily with their bottom lines. They might seem like they're working in your best interest, but they're not. Negotiating a settlement is just to protect their money. The first offer from your insurance company isn't usually their best offer.

If you suffer from water damage and need an insurance claim, it is best to hire a public adjuster. They will know all the ins and outs of the claims process and help make the process as easy as possible. Plus, they can help protect your family's interests by advising on what course of action is best for you and your family. Invictus Public Adjusters have decades of experience with insurance claims and other legal matters that might arise regarding your property damage.

Underpaid Insurance Claims in Lee County

Water damage can be caused by big storms. It can also happen from a leaky faucet, a broken pipe, or an overflowing toilet. Many things can lead to water damage, but if you have home insurance and/or flood insurance, you can file a water damage claim. In order to file a claim with your insurer, it is recomended you use a public adjuster company. They will help file your claims and reduce the chances of your claim to be underpaid or even denied.

Storm Damage Insurance Claims in Fort Myers

Do you have a water damage claim and are looking for a Fort Myers public adjuster? We're here to help you with all your storm damage insurance claims! We know how difficult it is to go through this process, so we want to ensure you get the help you need. We will handle all aspects of your water damage claim and take care of every detail from start to finish. We'll send out an experienced, licensed professional who will assess the damages and put together an estimate for your claim.

Call Invictus Public Adjusters at 855-522-5246 for a free claim evaluation for water damage. We can help insurance policyholders with their roof damage and mold damage claims. We get you maximum payout and take the pain out of the claims process.