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Fire Damage

Invictus Public adjusters has adjusted all types of fire losses from commercial properties, multi million dollars mansions to average residential homes.

Water Damage

Water damage policy claims might be very challenging to present to your insurance company. If you’ve experienced home water damage, the immediate action you should take is proper mitigation.

Vandalism Damage

Nobody is really prepared for theft, not even the organizations or individuals that deal with carrying valuable goods that have a high chance of being stolen. They try to buy insurance policies to mitigate against the eventuality of theft situations.

Roof Damage

No one plans to have their roof damaged, whether from hurricanes, wear and tear, or fierce storms. It's imperative you hire a reliable contractor or insurance claim services to help deal with every possible problem you may encounter with your roof. Our public adjusters will ensure you get every benefit that will facilitate the repairs on your roof.

Hurricane Damage

Most everyone knows that Florida seems to be a severe storm magnet. Due to its geographic location, any tropical storms that form in the Atlantic Ocean seem to find their way to some parts of the state of Florida.

Mold Damage

Mold damage is a problem that often affects residential and commercial properties and is sometimes extremely difficult to avoid. There are many distinct categories of water damage, and each has a unique approach to water mitigation.

Vessel Damage

Accidents happen occasionally and often leave terrible effects in their wake. Vessel owners know this all too well and take steps to protect themselves and their vessels from any damage that may occur.

Fallen Tree Damage

When accidents happen, you could have a lot of questions about your insurance and the actual cost of the damage. Having a piece of mind comes from working with a professional public adjuster on the claim.

Our process


Upon receiving your call, a pubic adjuster will personally come out to assess the site of the damaged property


After we have assessed your property damage, we will analyze your current insurance policy to get you the maximum claim coverage


We act as a liaison between you and your insurance company. We handle everything from preliminary estimates to negotiation and settlement​


After extensive claim negotiations, our public adjusting team ensures our clients receive the maximum amount of claim compensation

  • 24 hour service
  • Immediate action and response time
  • Fierce and experienced advocacy
    Secured temporary housing for you and your family
  • Comprehensive photo documentation of the damage
  • Temporary relocation for business owners
  • Direct communication with landlord or property manager
  • Analyze physical damage to determine the impact on business operations
  • Staff of adjusters, attorneys, and building estimators
  • Fierce advocacy throughout the claims process
  • 100% customer service
  • No Recovery = No Fee